A Power Tool for Success in Your Direct Sales Business

If you are in the direct sales business you know how important it is to get contact information from clients and potential clients. If you sell Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski, Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef or Arbonne, or any other home-based party business it is like pulling teeth getting people to commit. Remember that great training event you had planned and then had to relentlessly stalk people to mail their checks to some poor consultant who offered her services to serve as the bank? Or how about that open house you had that everyone clicked “interested” on your Facebook event and no one showed up.  Or even more troubling, when you had another open house and a pipe broke in your ceiling and you had to cancel and spent the morning on the phone and blasting your Facebook page hoping to reach everyone?

Now imagine that you made it easy for guests to register for your open house with their name and email, or committed to the training and paid online immediately with a credit card.

Facebook events are great, but without a registration tool linked to it, there is no real commitment, and honestly, I don’t care if you are “interested”. I want to know that you are coming and I want your email address so I can contact you!

Then, along comes whennow.com. For paid events (training, conferences or event promotion and selling products), there are some fees attached, but this solution offers you the opportunity for:

  • Branding
  • Locations and Directions
  • Registration
  • Ticketing (optional)
  • Reporting
  • Robust Social Sharing

Overview: WhenNow

WhenNow is an extremely easy-to-use online event registration tool that offers no fees to the ticket buyer. This is huge! How many times has a fee turned you off when you are purchasing online. With WhenNow, the host absorbs the fees, which in most cases, are the lowest in the industry. For example, if I am hosting a seminar and each guest must pay $20 and I have 50 guests, I would net $945.10 out of the $1,000 in tickets. If you need to clear $1,000, just charge $22 for the ticket.


Many of our competitors display transaction fees, but when they tell you how much you will make on your event, they do not take into account your own transaction fees (generally from PayPal or another payment gateway that charge both your guest and you for every transaction).

With WhenNow, the fees are straight forward. WhenNow fees are 2.99% and $.50 per ticket – that’s it! No hidden processing fees. When you use WhenNow, you will receive a check, mailed directly to you five days after your event.
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And remember…free events are free. You still want your guests’ contact information! What if you need to postpone or relocate the event?
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Prior to setting up your event, you should be prepared with a graphic (similar size and shape to the Facebook cover art) to place on your event. At any time leading up to your event, you simply go to your event dashboard and you can retrieve (or download) the name and email of your registrant along with the specifics of the registration. WhenNow accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover for payment.

If you are interested in learning more about WhenNow or want to start with your first event, visit whennow.com.

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