New Features

Organizers can now pass Fees to Ticket Buyers. Sorry Buyers!

With our latest WhenNow release, organizers can now select to pass transaction fees to buyers. Sorry buyers, but sometimes our organizers need every penny they can make. Hope you think our organizers are worth it!

Also in this release, we’ve set the ability to buy tickets up to the END of the event as the default so your buyers can still attend even if they’re a little late.

Edit Event screen showing the new radio options in Advanced Ticket Settings

For our loyal repeat organizers, we’re now also working on a Preferred Organizer status so that we can process payments to you faster. Email us at to find out if you qualify.

And when the event is over, don’t forget to send out surveys to your customers to get valuable feedback. Check out our blog on Survey Monkey integration.

Did you know your buyers can set up their own profile on and track their purchases to your events? Yes!  We keep making it easier and easier for you to build your loyal fan base.

Stay tuned….more exciting, terrific things to come. When? Now!!!!