Frequently Asked Questions

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Learn about buying and selling tickets.

How many tickets can I sell for one event?

As the host, you can sell up to 2,500 tickets to any event you create using WhenNow. If you want to sell more tickets to your event than this, contact our support team we’ll help get you started.

How many tickets can a guest purchase at once?

WhenNow allows guests to purchase a maximum of 10 tickets per transaction.

What is the maximum ticket price guests can purchase at once?

Guests can purchase up to $15,000 for their total order. Great for processing sponsorships. A notification will appear during the purchase process if this limit is exceeded and guests will not be able to move forward with payment. To purchase multiple tickets worth a total of $15,000 or more, you will need to purchase tickets in separate transactions.

How long will tickets for my event remain on sale?

WhenNow lets you, the host, decide when you would like to stop selling tickets to your event. Options include 24 hours before the event starts, at the start of your event, or at the end of your event.

Is there a way to provide complimentary tickets to guests of my choice?

It’s easy to send out complimentary tickets. All you need to do is head over to the My Events page, select Dashboard on the event you would like to send out complimentary tickets for, and then click on Tickets. On this screen you can fill in the guest’s information and email them their complimentary tickets.

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Learn about scanning tickets and other miscellaneous event questions.

Is WhenNow available everywhere or in other languages?

WhenNow ticketing is only available in the U.S. and in English. Stay tuned for international and multi-language options in the future.

How do I handle check in at my event?

What’s the point of selling tickets if you can’t conveniently check in your guests? That’s why we created the WhenNow Ticket Scanner app. You can download this app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Our guest check in application can be used on all Apple and Android devices.

Can volunteers who don’t have a WhenNow account check in guests at my event?

Sure! All you need to do is create a passcode in the Check In section of the My Profile page. This passcode can be a maximum of 10 characters consisting of letters and numbers. When someone who does not have an account goes to check-in an attendee with their QR code reader, they will be prompted to input the passcode only once. Happy scanning!

Why are my guests and I not receiving emails about my event?

If for some reason you and your guests are not receiving event emails, we encourage you to check your spam and junk folders. We also know that and accounts seem to get blocked by our email service provider. Sorry about that but spammers ruin it for everybody. If you process a ticket using or, contact us directly, and even better, create a WhenNow account using a different email so you can access them through our portal. If you're still having trouble please contact support.

How do I cancel an event?

We get it – sometimes things come up and you have to cancel events. To make this happen all you have to do is click the Cancel link on the My Events page for the specific event you would like to cancel.

When cancelling an event with tickets sold, our team will be alerted that you’ve cancelled your event. A member from our team will contact you by the next business day to discuss refund options for your guests.

How do I reschedule an event?

To reschedule your event, click the Edit link on the My Events page. Once in the edit screen for your event, select your rescheduled date or time and click on the Go Live button to update your event.

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Payouts, refunds and more.

What is WhenNow's refund policy?

Refunds can be issued until the end of an event, or when our team releases funds from a cancelled event. Any refund required after an event has already ended will need to be issued by the host. For more information check out our Attendee Refund Policy.

When will I receive my money?

WhenNow holds all funds collected for your event until 5 days after the event has ended. This allows us to let your guests request refunds, and allows us time to make sure your event was held, and guests received what they purchased. After the 5 day hold, we will send you a check with the money you collected for your event.

Why do you need my tax information?

For US based events, the IRS requires WhenNow to collect additional tax information on you or your company if you process more than 200 transactions AND collect more than $20,000 USD within a calendar year, across all of your events. The information we require is used to complete a W-9 form, and a 1099-K, which we will send to you.

You have to meet both requirements: equal to or more than 200 transactions AND equal to or more than $20,000 USD. The calculation is based on revenue generated, not taking into account refunds or expenses.

For instance, if you sell 100 tickets at $200 each, your revenue is $20,000. If this is the only event you do all year, will you meet the requirements for a 1099-K? No, because you only sold 100 tickets. What if you sold 2500 tickets at $5.00 each, would you then meet the requirements? Nope! Because you didn’t exceed $20,000 in revenue. But if you sold 250 tickets at $100.00, you would meet the requirements because you have over 200 transactions (250) and you created $25,000 in revenue.

WhenNow does not devolve your tax information to anyone except for the taxing authorities as required. We are required by law to collect this information, so if you do not fill out the form or provide that required information, we cannot payout to you until you do provide the information. The form is secure, so please feel confident that we are protecting your privacy and your information.

Tax laws can be complicated and hard to understand, we strongly suggests that if you are likely to exceed these thresholds that you contact your tax advisor for advice.

What type of payments are accepted for online sales?

WhenNow currently accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover for online ticket sales.

How do you keep your fees so low?

WhenNow was designed with a single purpose in mind: to help event organizers make as much money as they can by paying the lowest fees possible. To see how we match up to our competitors, check out our Fee Calculator.

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The nitty gritty details about your event and guests.

What kind of data will I get about guests?

At any time during or after your event, you can get the registrant’s name, address, email, purchase date and time. Phone number is optional. If you use our scanner to check guests in, it will also indicate whether or not they attended. If an individual purchases multiple tickets, the data will only be collected for the buyer.

For example, if Greg purchases 4 tickets to an event for his family, your dashboard would report all 4 tickets as belonging to Greg. Information can be downloaded as a CSV file to Excel.

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How to make your events better by using third-party applications.

How do I connect SurveyMonkey to my WhenNow account?

SurveyMonkey allows you to export your ticket purchasers from WhenNow as Contacts. To connect your accounts, all you need to do is head to your WhenNow profile and click Connect to SurveyMonkey. For more information read our blog post, SurveyMonkey Integration.

How do I integrate Google Analytics into my WhenNow account?

We give you the ability to track your visitors via your Event Dashboard. Using Google Analytics takes it one step further. Please read Integrating Google Analytics blog to learn more.

How do I setup my Google Tag Manager account and sync it with WhenNow?

You now have the opportunity to easily organize all your event statistics via Google Tag Manager. Please read our blog, Integrate Google Tag Manager to learn more.