Event Tips

4 Tips to Simplify Event Entry

The day you’ve been preparing for has finally come – and the anxiety from the sight of a mile long attendee line is is finally setting in. Three weeks ago all off these ticket sales were a dream come true! Now it seems like a daunting task to check in all of the attendees in a timely manner. Before this scenario becomes your reality check out our list of best practices to ensure your lines stay short, your guests stay happy, and you stay sane!


We cannot stress the importance of proper signage enough. If your guests aren’t sure where they’re going, what makes you think they’ll end up in the correct line? Lack of signage causes disarray among event attendees. By providing proper signage you can communicate with your guests without actually standing there and instructing them on their next step. Make sure your event signage is large, and place directional cues in as many places as possible. This allows for smooth transitions from the beginning to the end of your event.


Volunteers Who Know Their Way Around

Don’t find yourself in a situation on the day of an event where you’re lacking assistance, but most of all – don’t find yourself in a situation where you’re lacking QUALITY assistance. When we talk about quality volunteers, a lot of this starts with you, the event coordinator. Take a walk around the venue with your volunteers and make sure they know where things are. Describe what their responsibilities consist of and be available for any questions they have before the event takes place. The more your volunteers know what to expect and how to answer important attendee questions, the faster your lines will move.


Scannable Tickets

If you’ve planned an event and haven’t used scannable tickets to check people in, prepare for your life to change. By using event ticketing software like WhenNow, you’ll have access to a special ticket scanner app available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play store. This app allows you to check in people whether their ticket or registration resides on their phone, or a piece of paper they’ve printed out. Forget the days of searching through long lists of excel sheets to confirm registration. With a quick scan, you’ll be checking in guests faster than you ever thought possible.


Seperate Lines for At The Door Ticket Purchases

Unfortunately, the events we plan don’t always sell out. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a line segmented for people looking to purchase tickets the day of the event. This way you and your volunteers aren’t fumbling with cash, checks or credit cards, while the rest of your attendees who have purchased tickets in advance are stuck waiting in line. Remember: a happy event attendee is a repeat guest!

By implementing these best practices for your event – long registration lines will remain a fear of the past. Get started today and create your event on WhenNow.