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Collect Donations Using WhenNow

Individuals, groups and organizations have been setting up fundraisers for a long time. Back in the day, direct mail was very popular. An organization would buy a mailing list, five boxes of envelopes and have hundreds of flyers printed. They would mail forms to people who may or may not open the envelope (if it wasn’t returned to the organizer by the post office). Now we can save the time and trouble (and expense) with online fundraising, sometimes called crowdfunding.

When a fire ravaged an apartment complex that was home to a group of local college students, their friends and coworkers rallied to raise funds to help them out. After investigating a number of online resources they realized that the fees were high and it was rather complicated. They needed to move quickly.

WhenNow saved the day. It is extremely easy to set up with no advance bank or credit card linking required! The fees are minuscule and simply deducted from the final check, which is released five days after the fundraiser ends.

This particular group wanted to keep their donation requests limited to their own work community. If they wanted to reach farther they could have used the built-in sharing tools to share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. An organizer can also set up a Facebook Event Page and link the ticketing or donation link to the event.

Test Donation Event

So why not turn on Collect Donations when setting up your event on WhenNow and you can let folks know that can donate a little ‘extra’ to help your cause. Or just donate something even if they can’t attend.

Using WhenNow for your fundraiser has significant benefits over other means, or traditional fundraising programs using print and return forms (who uses stamps these days?)

  • Fast and Easy to use. The dominant graphic mimics a Facebook cover photo.
  • Responsive. Share and donate from desktop, mobile or tablet with ease.
  • Anytime/anywhere access. Check your donations any time from any device.
  • Simplified data collection. Donor reports are easily exported to Excel.
  • No donor fees. No fees to slow down the donor…a small processing fee is paid by the organizer.
  • Convenient disbursement. No need to set up links to bank accounts or credit cards. WhenNow cuts a check five days after the fundraiser closes.

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