Event Tips

Conquer the Roadblocks to Your Outdoor Event

Hosting an outdoor event can be a great idea, but certainly doesn’t come without its challenges. That’s why it’s important to start planning months in advance. Check out these tips on how to combat all the roadblocks that might stand in your way to a great outdoor event.


It’s a 50/50 gamble when planning an outdoor event, so make sure you’re prepared! Reserve enough tents so if rain does occur, your guests can gather underneath and wait out the storm. Tents are always a nice option for those super sunny days too. Better yet, select a venue that provides an indoor solution in the event of a washout. While this may be a little pricier, it does take the edge off knowing that no matter rain or shine your guests will have fun and a place to stay dry.


Food Permits

Are you having food at your event? Of course you are! If you aren’t hosting your event at a venue that normally serves food, or you’re bringing in food trucks to a specific location, you may have forgotten one very important thing – permits. If you plan on feeding a crowd at an outdoor venue, make sure you have the necessary permits approved and that you’re meeting the standards put forth by your municipality. If you’re having an outside vendor cater your outdoor event, make sure they’ve taken the steps to acquire the correct permits as well. The last thing you need is to have all catering come to a halt in the middle of your event. Hungry people are angry people! Check out Mobile Cuisine’s blog on everything you need to know about food handling permits for additional insight.


Bugs, Bumps and Bruises

While a little scratch isn’t necessarily a roadblock, it’s something you should be prepared for when hosting an outdoor event. People might get stung by bees, scratch their leg, or just take a tumble. Make sure you have a first aid area where your attendees can grab some bandages or ice if needed. This way they can get back to the fun stuff.



Not every outdoor venue is equipped with bathroom facilities. You might be fearing the dreaded porta-potty, but we’re here to tell you that porta-potties have gotten a serious upgrade in the past several years. Check out Johnny On The Spot. If you were on the fence about holding an outdoor event because of the bathroom situation, they’ll definitely change your mind. From your traditional porta-potty to restroom trailers, they’ll have something to fit your budget.


Proper Event Communication

When all else fails and the weather is just too treacherous for your outdoor event, you may end up having to cancel. This is where it also pays to think ahead. Collect tickets and registrations for your event with a system that allows you to automatically download a CSV or excel file of your attendees information. This way you can contact everyone that’s registered or paid to attend by simply uploading the list in your favorite email marketing application and keep everyone up-to-date with the latest event information.

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