Event Tips

Think Like A Millennial and They Will Come

We like half hour breaks instead of fifteens. We like unicorn drinks, matcha lattes, and kale chips as the alternate to Lays. We like the lavish lifestyle and we’ll post about it with a well thought out selfie for the Gram. Before I even type another sentence, as if it’s necessary…. Who are we? Oh yes you guessed it.

We are the infamous millennials.

kanye millenial gif

We are the stressed out, self-absorbed, generation Y. Sounds like we are hated and a bit boujee (for those non-millennials, boujee is slang for high-class), but actually, millennials are an extremely politically engaged generation and are born with a natural inclination to sell their unique characteristics.

Hence, we are natural entrepreneurs. There is a Mark Zuckerberg in us all. Knowing this, millennials know what we want, and we will pay for it. So for all those event planners and marketers, there is good news. Millennials love to pay for an experience. I presume that’s why we are the broke generation, wearing $200 sneakers at a $250 Drake concert. So what do you need to get us to pay for that event ticket? Here is a checklist to understand us more:

  • Free food, free drinks, free T-shirts, basically anything free is a selling point.
  • The event is advertised on Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.
  • Interactive experiences to engage the audience is imperative.
  • Live streaming attracts like a magnet.
  • Endorse an inclusive and meaningful event. A cause will always get followers.
  • Capitalize on the holistic experience.
  • Keep ticket sales available until the day of (We like the rush of being last minute).
  • Give a uniform. Make it formal (We love to dress up).
  • Make it easy to sign up and share (That’s why event planners love using whennow.com )
  • Focus on inbound marketing techniques. This means creating awareness through channels such as YouTube, or blogs.
  • Capitalize on your event’s diversity
  • Lastly, make your event pretty, cute, (insert any word for the phrase Instagram worthy) because we all want to post about it. So make sure you have good lighting so our photos show well.

selfie gif

I told you I would help you figure us out. We aren’t aliens, because actually there are many similarities. Much of the checklist sounds intriguing to non-millennials too. It takes a few snacks, a few carefully articulated tweets, and knowing what we value to hit the sweet spot of all millennials. It takes one to get one, and I’m that one.

In this millennial we trust, and I promise smooth sailing for your next event.