Event Tips

4 Ways to Make Your Event Listing Stand Out

First, let’s start by saying that you’ve made an awesome choice to promote your event and sell tickets with WhenNow. This was a huge step in the right direction to making more money on your event. Check out these additional tips and tricks to make your WhenNow event listing stand out from the rest!

In Your Face Event Images.

Have some fun with your event image! Pick something that represents what your event is about, or choose a photo of the event from the year before. This is your space to be creative! Canva is a great online tool to help you get there. With Canva you can customize a banner image for your WhenNow event and add fun icons, text and much more.

Short and Sweet Titles.

Welcome to the 1st Annual Beef, Pork and Chicken, BBQ Spring Time Cook Off. Wow. People certainly won’t have their mouth full of all that good food, because they’re not even going to remember the event name. We know this is easier said than done, but don’t over complicate things. Especially when it comes to the name of your event. Make it something short, sweet, catchy and to the point so others talk about it on social media. Creating a hashtag with the event name is a great way to monitor all the buzz too!

Event Descriptions – Not a Novel

Like any awesome event, there are probably a ton of exciting activities or appearances scheduled. While it’s important to include a description of what your guests can expect, you don’t need a paragraph for each activity of the day. A good text to visual balance is exactly what you’re looking for. Keep this in mind and you’ll have one good looking event listing.

Location – If you pin it, they will come.

It’s not uncommon for event planners to think, “Well, everyone knows where that is!” Of course you’re thinking this, you’re elbow deep in event details and have probably visited your event venue multiple times. Try to remember the out-of-state grandmom taking a special trip to town to spend time with her family. She may need detailed directions, and by pinning the location on your WhenNow event page, you’re doing her a huge favor.

Another great reason to pin your event location is so event attendees can check out what’s nearby, especially if you’re holding a large scale event where attendees are coming in from all over. They’ll need to research hotels to stay at and local restaurants to eat at when not attending your event.