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4 Ways to Kick an Event Planning Rut

Ahh a good yawn. We all need one from time to time, right? Sure we do! When you’re an event planner and your yawns tend to become more frequent and dare we say it – happen at one of your events – it might be time to rethink your event strategy. We know what you’re thinking, “Oh no, my event strategy is tried and true. It works like a charm every time.” Well, we’re here to tell you you’re wrong. We like to refer to this slight boredom and overly comfortable comfort zone as an event rut. No need to panic though! Event planning ruts are totally normal and fairly easy to recover from.
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1. Think Outside of the Box

I know, I know, it’s such a generic statement, but it’s true. A great way to put this mantra to test is to attend an event (one that you are not planning, of course) and make sure it’s an event that you normally would never dream of going to. By doing this you’ll open your mind up to a whole new target audience and event ideas that might translate well to the type of events that you’re used to hosting.

2. Get the Low Down

The truth can hurt, but when you’re an event planner it’s a necessary evil. It’s time to swallow your pride and have a serious sit down with your co-workers and friends who have attended your events in the past. Ask them what they liked, didn’t like and wish there was more of. Once you’re done with them hop on social media and check out your event hashtag to see what kind of buzz you’ve created. Remember – everyone’s a little braver behind a computer screen so you might read a few things that could give you the event blues. In this case, make sure your work BFF is close by for a quick venting session.

3. Take a Break

Sometimes the best way to get out of an event planning rut is to completely remove yourself from events altogether. For some, this idea is completely unfeasible, but there are still ways to allow yourself a short event reprieve. Take a long vacation, take a short vacation, or simply turn your email and social media notifications off after a hard days work. You deserve a break! The only reason you’re in an event planning rut in the first place is because of how hard you work, so give yourself some well deserved me-time!

4. Collaboration

The burden of planning an event doesn’t always have to fall on your shoulders. Recruit co-workers, interns, family or friends to join in the process. Fresh eyes will help to reinvent what you struggled to create on your own.