Event Tips

5 Ways to Keep Your Attendees Smiling

“My event attendees are way to happy,” said no event planner ever. One of the keys to repeat event attendance is making attendees happy the first time around. If you create an event that makes attendees smile from ear to ear, than chances are they’ll be coming back next year with a few more friends and family in tow. Check out these 5 ways to keep your event attendees smiling from beginning to end.

piggy bank

Don’t Break Their Bank.

Don’t use a ticketing service that charges an arm and a leg. Purchasing a ticket is one of the first impressions your attendees will have of your event. Make sure to use an event solution that has a great appearance with minimal purchase fees. Now they can spend the extra money you’ve saved them at your event!

Keep the Lines Moving.

Raise your hand if you like standing in line at events. That’s what we thought. Keep it moving people! Make sure you’re using an application that allows for you to check people into an event from your mobile phone. It’s so much easier than browsing through a list of names on an excel spreadsheet. All it takes is one scan and they’re on their way.



Food is vital! Nobody likes a hangry attendee, especially the event coordinator. Full bellies = smiling faces. We know it’s almost always impossible to front the cost of food for every attendee, so make sure there are lots of options for them to choose from. Invite a few local food trucks to attend, or charge for food in advance so your guests can enjoy their time without having to pull out their wallet.

Your Never too Old for a Goodie Bag.

Everyone loves leaving an event with a goodie bag. It’s a great way to say thank you to your attendees and make them feel appreciated. So gather your sponsors, reach out to local restaurants and businesses and see if they’d like to include any coupons or sample products. You’ll have more than enough by the time your event rolls around.

Live music_band

A Little Music Sets the Tone.

Music is the perfect way to set that happy tone you want your event attendees to feel during and after your event has taken place. Hire a DJ, make a playlist in advance, or invite a live band to entertain.