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Dress to Impress: Event Dress Code Etiquette

I was recently invited to a wedding on what will perhaps be the hottest day of the year at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The wedding will be held at the historic State Theater in Easton, PA.

I RSVP’d in a timely fashion, checked the couple’s registry on “the knot” and was looking forward to the big day, when I noticed the fine print on the reminder card…Formal Attire.

I instinctively thought this meant tuxedo and as I mentioned it to a few friends and co-workers, they all indicated that “Black Tie” meant tuxedo and that “Formal” meant suit. Naturally, I did what every 52 year-old single male who works for a tech company does…I Googled it.

Lo and behold, the first link that came up was a link to theknot.com.  Basically right back where it all began. Here is the answer:

Formal Black Tie

For an entire cheat sheet on event attire, you can check it out on the knot’s website here.