Event Tips

Five Ways to Tee Up Your Golf Tournament to Raise More Money

Setting up a fundraising golf tournament is no easy task. Once you secure the venue and date, there are so many logistical issues to tackle, it can make you rush to the 19th hole for a drink! Here is an awesome timeline provided by our friends at holeinoneinternational.com.

Your fundraising will primarily come in through registration fees and sponsorships. The obvious sponsor opportunities include signage at the holes, food and beverage sponsorships, and a hole-in-one contest (be sure to look into hole-in-one insurance!). Clothing, towels, shirts and balls with sponsor names can cover the cost of the item, plus add some cash to your bottom line.

Here are some other ideas to raise additional funds for the sponsoring organization:

1. Sell Mulligans

Charge for mulligans (an extra stroke allowed after a poor shot, not counted on the scorecard), and limit the number a golfer can purchase to keep it fair.

2. String it along

Players buy a piece of string (you determine the length) for a set price. This string may then be used during play to improve a player’s stroke score or even void a stroke. At any point, a player may move the ball the length of the string or less, to any desired position. If the player uses less than the full length, they have to cut the amount used off. They then have only the remaining amount to use for a future situation in the round.

3. Tee Off from the Ladies’ Tees

Each group or individual may pay a set amount to tee off from the women’s tees on a pre-selected hole.

4. Putting Contest

Players pay a set amount to compete in the contest. Formats can vary from one single long putt to multiple hole putts. Calculate the score to determine a winner and have a donated prize ready for pick up.

5. Orange Ball

Each team has the option to enter the contest for a set amount, before the tournament begins. Each team that plays receives an orange golf ball that must be used by a different golfer in the group at every hole. The object is to not lose the ball for the entire 18 holes. Any teams that completes the round with the ball still in possession are then entered into the drawing for a prize determined by the tournament.

Anyone can put on a charity golf tournament. Not everyone can produce a first class event that raises a lot of money and one that golfers return to year after year. There are more than 1,000,000 golf events in this country each year. The average golf tournament in the US raises $5,000. With proper planning and additional activities to generate FUN and FUNDS, your tournament is sure to be a hole-in-one!