Event Tips

4 Social Media Tips for Event Promotion & Engagement

Whether you are hosting a fundraiser, a lecture, a dinner dance or a concert, clearly, the best way to engage your audience is utilizing social media. There are so many options, each offering their own bells and whistles. Here are 4 tips to make the most out of social media for event promotion and engagement.

Make it stick.

Everyone loves Facebook Events to quickly and easily create buzz about your event. Everyone hates the fact that people can “commit” to show up without really committing. This is where it’s important to take advantage of Facebook’s registration link. Click here for details.

Share and share alike.

Make sharing your event easy by adding social share buttons to the invitation. If you are using an online registration tool, chances are it is already there. Some folks want to share the event beforehand (“Hey I want to go to this event! Who is in?”). Some want to share it after (“I just registered for this event. Who else is going?”). Having share buttons present on your event page is a great way to get the conversation and event buzz started.

Don’t set it and forget it.

Make sure you follow your social media promotion closely. Especially with mobile taking over, people look for answers right away and they gravitate to what is at their fingertips. Monitor your Social Media and respond quickly … before, during and after you event to keep your attendees happy and coming back.

Create a hashtag.

They can be cool. They can be fun. They can be clever. They can also be very effective to create buzz about your event. Another built in benefit is that a hashtag allows the event organizer to track conversations about what people are saying. Make sure you’re using a hashtag that’s unique – otherwise it can become a little hectic monitoring a generic hashtag.

Hashtags may have started on Twitter but they are now used across multiple social media channels including Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. A great place to keep track of your event hashtag is on Tagboard. Simply type in your hashtag, and you can see what people are saying across social media sites.