Event Tips

What’s a Step and Repeat?

Step and repeat – sounds like a move you would do during a country line dance, doesn’t it? Wrong! Chances are if you’ve been to an event or watched the Golden Globes, Oscars, or other fancy award shows you already know what one looks like. Essentially, it’s a very large banner that consists of logos of either the event that is taking place or the organization that is hosting it.

Why give it such a strange name?

When you really take the time to think about it, the name actually makes pretty much sense. Think about celebrities. When they’re attending an event the first place they end up is on the red carpet step and repeat. As they get their picture taken, they continue to step along and repeat the entire process of smiling and posing while walking until all photographers have gotten their picture – hence the name step and repeat.

Why should I invest in one for my events?

There are so many reasons a step and repeat is the perfect investment for your events. In fact, we just recently held a small event where one was present and our attendees loved it! Check out a photo of some of our happy attendees.
two women standing in front of a step and repeat

Here’s how you can benefit from having one at your event – large or small.

Brand Recognition

The more people that see your organization’s logo the better! In today’s marketing world it’s all about exposure and a step and repeat is a perfect way to get it.


Have you ever been to an event that takes a while to get going? A step-and-repeat is a great way to fill that time and engage your attendees. They’ll have a great time taking pictures with their friends and family – which is the perfect way to start an event. Another good tip is to include some fun props on your step and repeat. These can be easy to create on your own, or simply purchased online.

Post-Event Publicity

Invite photographers from local magazines and newspapers to attend your event – chances are they’ll snap a few shots of attendees on the step and repeat and the picture will end up being in the newspaper. Come on – who doesn’t love a little post-event PR?


You don’t have to buy multiple step and repeats for every event you hold. The great thing about purchasing a step and repeat is that you can have it for multiple events throughout the years. After hosting a few you’ll have gotten more than your fair share out of your upfront investment.

So now that you know all you’ve ever need to know about step and repeats, it’s time to event! Get started today.