How To

Integrate Google Tag Manager

You now have the opportunity to easily organize all your event statistics via Google Tag Manager. Follow the steps below to learn how to integrate your Google Tag Manager Account to WhenNow! For more information on Google Tag Manager click here.

1. Onward to Google Tag Manager

To connect to Google Tag Manager, you must have a Google Account, if not you must sign up and create one.

Step 1 of Google Tag Manager

2. Setup an Account

Next you need to set up an account and a container for Google to associate with your website. After inputting the required information, click create. It will then prompt you with the Terms of Agreement.

Step 2 of Google Tag Manager

3. Copy Container ID

Copy your container ID which can be found in the header.

Step 3 of Google Tag Manager

4. Paste Container ID

Paste it into the “container ID” box on the integrations page (can be found on your profile page) and then click update.

Step 4 of Google Tag Manager

Congratulations on setting up Google Tag Manager with your account! If you have more questions in relation to WhenNow you can visit our FAQ page. You can also email for any further information.